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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bob Chapman rides again

In the US and the UK banks are insolvent as well, because books are market-to-model, not to market and many carry two sets of books. Without a total audit one does not know the actual condition of these financial institutions. Market players and investors do not want to know the truth, because they cannot handle it. It means it is the end of the game – it’s over. That is why Wall Street and the City of London casts a blind eye at all the government manipulation going on. They go with the flow hoping the system will keep functioning.
Americans and others have been sold a bill of goods concerning US supremacy in the business and financial worlds, which means they have been propagandized since WWII. It is beyond the capability of most Americans to understand that they have been sold one lie after another and they bought it hook, line and sinker. Even if they discover the truth making seminal changes is very difficult. Thus, you can have 70% of people over 65 years old that have discovered the truth that are generally incapable of acting on it. The 25% of these retirees that have investable funds are frozen in the headlights and few make the necessary changes to hold on to their assets. If their assets remained static inflation is destroying their purchasing power year after year. Some will switch into gold and silver related assets, but very few. Good people who have led exemplary lives could lose most of their assets if they do not make changes. Once the system goes down there will be no way back. Ask the people who didn’t listen in 1929.
Now that Europe has a new formula to ostensibly save the euro zone and the EU we can for the time being take a look at other problems. We find many smaller and medium sized banks cannot payback TARP funds. That means some of them may be approaching insolvency. We also notice that the FDIC for some time no longer issue late Friday updates on bank failures. Municipalities are having major trouble and that will continue. It is taking a little longer than expected for these entities to head into bankruptcy. Many know the government is broke, so it is no longer a secret. Those who feel safe in an FDIC bank account had best think again. The FDIC is broke and if they had to pay off billions they could not, unless Congress gave them more money to do so, which the Fed would create out of thin air, and cause more inflation. The public’s shocked and in denial and that state will only change gradually and eventually these Americans will pull their funds out of the system and put the proceeds into gold and silver coins, bullion and shares.
That means they will be able to function when checks, debit and credit cards no longer work.
We are entering a time of falling currencies, as more and more money and credit are created to save the system and the power centers of the Illuminists. Now that for now Europe has been saved, al the elitists have to deal with is the fallout from QE 3. That should occur soon. That is why the PPT is still trying to keep gold and silver down. It won’t matter, because gold and silver will still go higher.
After 5-months of dithering, Europe has finally put together a temporary deal to save Greece, the euro zone and perhaps the EU.
Bondholders, mostly banks, accepted a 50% write down on Greece debt. This deal was offered two years ago, but the banks and Germany refused the offer.
            The funds available are $517 billion, which will be elevated by use of derivatives to $1.4 trillion. That should last a year dependent on how much money insolvent members will need. We call this temporary, because of a fast slowing economy and the needs for new lower interest loans by Ireland and Portugal. If our original estimate for the six countries is correct this exercise will have to be done three more times over the next two years. Not one of these bankers and politicians dare look down the road at the future. The problem has not been solved; it has just been extended